Northside's EMA-FRs (medical responders) will be paged with the direction to apply a surgical mask to the patient.  The EMA-FRs must also do a CoViD19 Risk Assessment prior to treating the patient.  Pease be patient while they do this.


The purposes of the Association are:

  • to fundraise on behalf of the Northside Volunteer Fire Department
  • to safeguard said funds and make available to Northside Volunteer Fire Department at their request to facilitate  i)  training, public education, and events,  ii)  procurement and maintenance of tools and facilities,  iii)  other firefighting-related activities.

Thank you for joining us on our home page! 

We are excited to share information about our Association with you.  Established in 2012, we help our dedicated volunteer firefighters by raising funds to help them help us.  Over the years, our fundraising efforts have purchased a Jaws-Of-Life set, AED machines, life-size CPR mannequin, and other expensive but essential items.

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